Scala Civil & ICI

We seek not only to build infrastructure but a legacy of sustainability.

Creative plans leading to innovative solutions.
Let us plan for a better today, to ensure for a better tomorrow.

Scala engages in Civil and ICI projects with our own equipment to lower your costs and improve efficiency.

We have extensive experience in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. From an independent home to an entire village, from a town center to a golf course, and from bridges to a subway station, we’ve experienced across a gamut of projects. With the Integrated Design-Build system, we can mobilize the necessary equipment at any time without having additional fees for pick up or delivery.

We bring together all construction services with one team in order to save time and money and take care of your needs with one phone call.

We offer complete excavation equipment rental services, to help other contractors to reduce their cost and maximize the customer’s profit.

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