Safety procedures


Safety for our crew & contractors 

Scala has a high regard for safety,  to the point to change and create a whole culture around the importance of following process and procedures on site. When safety standards break down, serious injuries or even fatalities can occur, leaving families shattered due to carelessness and irresponsibility. 

Even when employees are the most vulnerable in case of an event,  is hard to align them to change habits and follow new rules that might seem redundant. Half of the battle for any safety program involves developing a safety mentality among employees and reversing years of unsafe construction habits. Many construction workers and subcontractors who are given proper safety guidelines and complete safety training still fall victim to construction accidents.  So Scala decided to make this a priority and in order to demonstrate a greater level of care and concern for employee well-being, we started the process to be certified by the COR program.  The program encourages employers to create an occupational health and safety management system that goes beyond the current legal requirements. 


Safety for our clients 


We take your safety seriously


We understand that is tempting and exciting is to enter the building site to view the construction progress on your new home,  but we need to keep in mind that a construction site is a hazardous place for those without the proper safety equipment, or with not enough experience in the site logistics. We ask you please to make an appointment to visit the site so one of our crew members familiar with the site can walk with you during your visit.  We also created a video to give you guidelines and tips to make your home visit fun and safe.