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Online access for Homeowners



Building your home is an exciting experience but can be exhausting as well.  With that in mind, we implemented a user-friendly online software that will allow you to follow up how your home is getting build.  Through any computer, tablet or smartphone you will be able to see the progress updates, timelines and schedule, revisit architectural plans and watch how your home is been built. 

The construction of a  custom home has several moving parts, having high technology allows us to automate many of the tasks that, if ignored, can delay the process incurring in unnecessary costs.   

Our Partners

To optimize your resources and maximized your budget, we worked to maximize our efficiency, identify potential risks, accomplish our timelines, and keep you on the loop of every step we take. Scala offers an online access to your own webpage with all the details and selections for your project, from online warranty claims to the online messaging system, you can easily communicate with our team 24/7, no matter if you are at home, work, or even on out of town.


Track your balance
Check how much money you spent
Follow the schedule
Follow the important dates of your home
Approve your selections
Review and authorize them online 
Create change orders
Efficiency improves speed and reduces costs
Share all your photos
Live weekly updates with photos 



Check out your home progress 

Check how easy is to choose your selections online.
Check how easy is to do your change orders online



Health and Safety




Your safety is our top  priority 

We understand that is tempting and exciting is to enter the building site to view the construction progress on your new home,  but we need to keep in mind that a construction site is a hazardous place for those without the proper safety equipment, or with not enough experience in the site logistics. We ask you please to make an appointment to visit the site so one of our crew members familiar with the site can walk with you during your visit.  We also created a video to give you guidelines and tips to make your home visit fun and safe.