About us

About us

In 2004, an urban planner-developer from Canada -Doug- and a Architect/Engineer from Mexico - Ari- met in Phoenix, Arizona to work on a cool and highly sustainable community located in the southern Baja - Villas of Loreto Bay-

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Loreto Bay

Loreto Bay

The 8,000 acre Loreto Bay Resort, located on the sea of Cortez in Baja California South, Mexico. The most basic elements of nature - sun, water, and sand.     …

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Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay is a community 35 minutes away from Victoria BC. In addition to the planned 600 homes, this development will feature a Town Centre with shops, restaurants, cafes, and office…

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A new town, by the sea

A new town, by the sea


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Wild Renfrew

Wild Renfrew

Every home is unique and yet the design, architecture, and landscaping coalesce beautifully into a west coast aesthetic.  Location: Port Renfrew, B.C., approximately 90 minutes from Victoria on the Pacific Marine…

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Excavation, Civil Works, Land Clearing, Survey, Project Management & Sustainability



The Integrated Design-Build system will not only save you money, it will improve speed, certainty, and efficiency. 



Creative alternatives to provide you with solutions Urban, Architectural, & Civil Design Watercolor, Sketching & BIM.

What our customer say about us
  • Henrik Jorgenseiv
    Henrik Jorgensev

    Home Buyer

    Scala was open to my personal ideas, no matter what we asked,  always found the right solution to make the house feel home. Right away I knew I could trust Ari, that’s why we decided to move forward and buy the land.

  • Mary Quinn
    Mary Quinn

    Home Buyer

    At a late stage of the construction, we left for an extended vacation in India.  I couldn’t visualize how everything was going to look at the end, and coming back I was greatly impressed. Nothing was a problem at all.  I was really happy.

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn

    Home Buyer

    Working closely with Scala at each stage of the design and build was collaborative, interesting, satisfying and very enjoyable.  Ari and Chris T. provided great ideas and suggestions to make our home more ideally suited to our needs. It was a first class buying experience and the build quality was excellent.

  • Sonya Nott & Ken Black
    Sonya Nott & Ken Black

    Home Buyer

    Since we moved into our Scala Home at Spirit Bay we truly do feel we have been “living the dream”. The house fits our lifestyle perfectly. We love the craftsmanship details and the fact that it is a quality built home. Some of the suggestions we were given during the build were features we had never thought of and were delighted with the results afterward. The people behind the design and location of the house knew how to optimize the view and light. Thank you Scala!

  • Michel Desjardins
    Michel Desjardins

    Home Buyer

    Scala did a great job adapting the home design to our needs even during the middle of the construction process. If there was something they believed was not the best option, they would bring it up and make the necessary modifications. I feel they treated us as if they were building their own home, trying to maximize the space and ensuring we were happy with every detail. 

  • Ellen Desjardins
    Ellen Desjardins

    Home Buyer

    We appreciated that Scala was willing to sit with us and walk us through the whole process from the beginning, making suggestions and adjustments until we were happy with the final plans. They innovated to make the design fit our needs, and they responded to our ideas. This was the first time that we were involved with designing a home, and we were not present to supervise their work. Ari and the others from Scala inspired confidence and trust throughout the building experience.

Integrated units to provide efficiency and savings

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